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2017-03-18 20:34:26 by Aquaninja360

I'm back with my newest upload 'Hero' the first in my album 'Veteran'!!!


2016-04-09 11:10:47 by Aquaninja360

I may be getting fl studio (the fruity edition) today fingers crossed i do!!!.

No More Audio

2016-04-08 13:20:45 by Aquaninja360

I will not make anymore music or anything on this website. I will be removing all my audio. I will only upload a song if it is very good if not it is trash. Anyway just letting every1 know this. This could be the end of my account.


2016-01-11 21:29:58 by Aquaninja360

Already made a Halloween 2016 song! Derp...... well be looking forward to that as well as some other tunes!


2016-01-06 13:08:14 by Aquaninja360

I'm not going to be releasling new songs for a while unless it is good. Just so I can get practice


2015-12-25 09:43:32 by Aquaninja360

I will be switching from garageband to logic pro! so be looking for better songs.


2015-12-02 13:58:24 by Aquaninja360

Mudskippers are back!!! In the brand new Mudskipper 3.0

Halloween Stuff

2015-10-21 12:58:55 by Aquaninja360

I will be do halloween stuff until November 1st!!! Everyday 1 halloween song!

World Champion

2015-10-21 11:28:22 by Aquaninja360

Wow thanks for the great reviews on World Champion! It is my most popular song!!!